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WAVENET, as a developer and manufacturer of radio communication devices, with more than 20 years of experience, as well as the use of new technologies, such as digital signal processing, equips Avionics, Drone and Defense equipments, that Wavenet designs, develops and manufactures of very high performance that can hardly be found in similar systems of other manufacturers.

WAVENET, in addition, has two flying platforms for the development of the necessary tests, in real situation, of all the devices that can be installed on board, both in the field of the Avionics and in the Dronic and Defense, thus ensuring that its products meet the requirements in terms of functionality and performance, of any type of customer.



HD video system

Antenna aiming system

Radar altimeter for UAV’S / RPAS

Sense & Avoid system


Radar altimeter for general aviation

Radar altimeter for aerobatics

Radar altimeter for UAV’S / RPAS



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