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Project Description



ABR-DM01 is a VHF transceiver (117,975 MHz – 136,975 MHz) that has been designed and manufactured by Wavenet as a single block unit to be used in cockpit environment of general aviation aircrafts, ultralight aircrafts and helicopters.

  • Main features of this equipment are:
  • Designed and manufactured in Spain
  •  Immediately post-sell service
  • Comply with OACI regulations/ CE Marked
  •  Channel spacing 25 kHz / 8,33 kHz selectable
  • Internal built-in VOX triggered intercom
  • Dual Watch mode
  • Automatic Tx release after 2 min.
  • Tx locking if occupied channel
  • Complete alphanumerical and backlit LCD display
  • 2 audio auxiliary inputs (NAV/MP3)
  • Protected against polarity inversion
  • Stability ±1 ppm
  • Cable loom and pre-adjusted antenna under demand


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