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Project Description


The Glance EFIS device is intended to provide the main flight parameters of the aircraft, to derive and display navigation information, as well as the parameters of the engine unit. You can use the device as a stand-alone device or as part of a set of devices (sensors, actuators, etc.) connected to the network through the CANaerospace bus.
This device offers:

  • Flight instruments, flight information, engine monitoring and a reliable navigation system.
  • Flight instruments (Attitude, Altitude, Variometer, Speed, Ground Speed, Attack Angle, Wind Speed / Direction and other Indicators)
  • Engine monitoring instruments (RPM, CHT, EGT, Fuel level, Oil T / P, OAT, etc.)

Specifically, it shows the following data:

  • Flight instruments:
  • Indicated airspeed indicator;
  • Altimeter and variometer;
  • Attitude indicator with direct and indirect indication option;
  • Angle of attack indicator.
  • Navigation instruments:
  • Advance speed indicator;
  • Course indicator;
  • Route information and navigation display.
  • Engine control instruments (EMS):
  • Tachometer and rotor speed indicator;
  • Oil pressure and temperature indicator;
  • Pressure and temperature indicator of the intake manifold;
  • Temperature of cylinder heads and temperature indicators of exhaust gases (up to 9 cylinders);
  • Engine coolant temperature indicator;
  • Fuel flow indicator;
  • Current and voltage indicator of the on-board power system;
  •  Other instruments.

The Glance AHRS external unit is necessary for the operation of the attitude indicator, load indicators G, angle of attack, slip / slip.

The device can operate with airport databases, navigation beacons and airspace areas. A microSD card is supplied together with the device to store said database, as well as to record the flight information. When the database is used, the device allows to see the information of the aerodromes (tracks, surface type, radio frequency, contact data of the officers, etc.) and add it to the flight plan.

In addition, it is possible to save your own reference points (up to 40 points) on the same microSD card. As for the aerodromes, reference points and airspace areas, they are displayed on the navigation screen.

You can customize your own flight checklist, which will be displayed on the device at the start.


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