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WAVENET is a company founded at the beginning of 1996 whose main activity is the design and manufacture of radiofrequency equipment for professional use and avionics, its capital being one hundred percent Spanish.

Account for the development of its activity with a group of highly qualified professionals with a great experience in the field of its competence, as well as with the most advanced technological resources. The result of this combination is a range of professional broadcasting and avionics products with very high performance and a quality / price ratio that has no competition in the market. All this makes the Wavenet Radio Services products be valued. They focus on the following fields:

  • Development and manufacture of own products

  • Development of products and systems at the customer’s request

  • Technical advice

The processes of Radio Wavenet Services allow the control of the products from their conception to their after-sales, which allows us to offer our clients guarantee both on the quality of the supplies and on possible adaptations to their specific needs.

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