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Project Description

HDV 3000 Series


The HDV 3000 series are video links, with up to full HD quality and low delay, specially designed and developed for applications where it is necessary to transmit high quality video from an aircraft to ground from medium and long distances (50-300 km).

It consists of the following elements:

HDVT-3000 transmitters family:

They are high definition video transmitters (up to full HD) for long distance applications, based on COFDM technology.

Video signal (HDMI or CVBS) is encoded with H264 standard, modulated with EN300-744 standard and transmitted to the air.

HDVR-3000D is its associated receiver, and the family consist of three type of transmitters:

  • HDVT – 3000 U (200 mW)
  • HDVT – 3000 UC (3W)
  • HDVT – 3000 ULD (10 W)

General characteristics:

  •  Very compact system
  •  Wide frequency range: 200-800 MHz
  •  High level MER
  •  Selection of the bandwidth 1-8 MHz
  •  Optional sending of embedded data
  •  Possibility of encryption
  •  Versatility in HDMI / CVBS video inputs
  •  Easy to use and configure
  •  Robust and reliable in long distance
  •  Up to 300 km range can be achieved depending on the antennas used and their situation.
  •  Low latency

Base receiver for ground HDVT-3000D, diversity:

It is a diversity full HD video receiver, able to decode signals with the EN300 744 standard.

It provides both HDMI and CVBS video outputs.

It is designed under “spatial diversity” concept to improve the reception of signals from moving transmitters and minimize the multipath.

It can be configured by its HDVR-3000RC remote control or by a UART port.

It supports bandwidth from 1 to 8 MHz, and its frequencies range is from 170 to 860 MHz

General characteristics:

  • Complete digital video signals receiver
  • Decoder “Full HD” / H264/1080
  • Frequencies between 170 and 860 MHz
  • Two antenna ports with N connectors.
  • CVBS analogue video output
  • HDMI digital video output
  • OSD
  • Automatic or manual channel scanning
  • 1 to 8 MHz bandwidth
  • Decodes hide telemetry data from HDVT-3000 series transmitters
  • Decrypt the HDVT 3000 series transmitters encrypted signals


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