Sistem 42: Star-42, RD-42, TR-42

//Sistem 42: Star-42, RD-42, TR-42
Sistem 42: Star-42, RD-42, TR-42 2020-08-18T16:22:48+00:00

Project Description

SYSTEM 42: STAR-42, RD-42, TR-42


  • SYSTEM 42 equipment is made up of the portable reporter unit STAR-42, RD-42 true diversity receiver and TR-42 talkback transmitter.
  • It is a broadcast quality full-duplex communication system. Portable transmitter works in VHF band, talkback transmitter works in UHF band (possible at others under demand).
  • With up 3W output power, the system allows working across wide areas, and it is specially designed to work in aggressive RF environments.
  • The system is supplied with all necessary elements to work: antennas and battery for portable unit, antennas and power supply for base (RD-42+TR-42) unit, external charger (which allows to charge batteries out and into the portable unit), and other complements.

Exceptional sturdiness and absolute reliability.


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