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Project Description

The Vokkero® Guardian Plus system, has been specially developed for teams working in the broadcasting and entertainment sectors.

Vokkero® Guardian Plus perfectly meets the needs of all mobile teams (stage management, lighting, production, etc.) seeking instant, hands-free communication, while remaining constantly connected to members of the mobile team.

Its greatest asset is its ultra-sensitive patented noise filter for «crystal clear» audio communication. It therefore ensures optimal listening quality even in very noisy environments (music, crowds, shouting, etc.).

The Vokkero® Guardian Plus system facilitates unrestricted movement as it does not have a base.

In addition, a network extension can be provided to ensure compatibility with the various wired intercom systems (2 wire and 4 wire) already installed in your work environment.

  • Hands-free, instant communication system
  • Patented noise filter, suppression of background noise
  • User alert by vibrating, audible signal or/and blinking light
  • HD quality audio system
  • Continuous conference, unlimited users
  • Intuitive to use
  • Increases your service performance
  • Headset & smartphone connection, call handling
  • Multichannel, several systems on one site


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